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The Importance of Live Chat

Why including live chat in your website/app will increase your sales and improve your after-sale support for your customers.

The success of most companies is related to fast communication and engagement with customers.

Why is it important for you to have a live chat in your website or app?

Let me hunt down all the benefits a live chat can give you and your customers.

  • Increase Sales

Communication via chat is way faster and easy to understand than any other communication channel. You will be able to explain your product or service step by step within seconds. You can convince future customers that your product is exactly what they are looking for within a few messages.

  • Understand Your Customers

The majority of customers or potential customers won’t write an email for you with their feedback because they need to find your email address and write the email in formal format.

Live chat is different, it takes less than a minute to express your feelings in the most sincere way and by personal experience I can guarentee customers take those seconds to send feedback and it’s very worth it.

  • Professionalism

Including live chat in your website/app gives some sense of professionalism. Your visitors will see how big your support team is and even know more about them personally. Have in mind that if your visitors are paying for your products or services, they need to feel that they can trust you and your team.

  • Stand Out From Your Competition

Your competition may or may not have live chat in their website/app. What we’ve noted in our journey is that live chat can surprisingly make your service stand out. You may not be reanking 1st on search results but have in mind that real customers often click on the first 5 results and go forward from that point.

  • Fast Reply

Live chats are the fastest communication channel at the moment for websites and apps. Also have in mind that live chats are great but they can turn into something bad if your team does not answer fast. Live chats expect the customer to communicate with you faster but the customer expects you to reply fast. I am talking about less than 10 minutes to reply.

  • Affordable

Live chats are extremely affordable and the amount of stats that you will get from your customers to better understand what your customers are really looking for is priceless. You can choose the lowest price from Intercom which is $38 USD / month, and you will have unlimited chats with almost all Intercom features. We started with than plan ourselves.

How live chat impacted Convertify?

We started Convertify with Intercom chat included but the truth is that we deactivated a month later after our launch. We were only 2 people at that time and it takes a lot of time and dedication to reply to emails, chats and also convert websites to app at the same time. So, we continued our journey without live chat and 6 months later when our team was bigger, we activated it again.

We scheduled a meeting with our whole team and we all gave our thoughts on how we should move forward with this. The plan was to reply in less than a minute every chat, no matter what.

I won’t say we doubled sales, but for sure we are making at least 1+ sales every day from our live chat. The most impacted area was our relationship with our after-sale customers. We can just explain everything faster and easily if needed further explanation.

The best Live Chat Services Out There

  1. Intercom (Convertify’s live chat at the moment)
  2. Drift
  3. Chatra
  4. FreshCat
  5. Cliengo
  6. Zendesk

Here’s what we recommend

We highly recommend you to take risks and if spending $38 USD a month sounds like a risk for you, then go ahead and take that risk. What is the worst that can happen? Remember that experience is priceless and it’s also the only way to really know if something will work or not.

Also, reply as fast as you can because customers are not expecting less from live chats. Customers can easily replace you for competitors in terms of minutes so be fast and professional. Needless to say, a big one for us were follow-up messages the day later from any chat.

Having said that, go ahead and include live chat in your website/app whenever you want, but take it very seriously and try to establish a team that can reply super fast and with good grammar (customers simply hate mispelled words).

Well, wish all of you good luck when introducing live chat to your service and hopefully this can help me optimize it the best way for you.

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