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Why You Should Consider Creating an App for Your e-Commerce Business?

One of the biggest opportunities that mobile apps give us is to use them to generate sales and genuine connections with our consumers. If you have an e-commerce or if you are thinking about creating one we invite you to read all the benefits of creating an app for your business.

e-Commerce Business Revolution

The e-commerce business came into the world to revolutionize the way consumers interact with brands and make their purchases.

Increasingly distant was the kind of traditional business where users had to go to a physical store to buy their items and needs, spending energy, time, and money.

We could see during the COVID-19 pandemic that this kind of traditional business was almost motionless. People increasingly bought through their computers and mobile phones, caring for their family, and saving time and money.

Those businesses that were already embedded in the world of e-commerce were the big winners, while those that were operating only by traditional channels had to reinvent themselves, and in many cases, unfortunately, had to close their doors.

Amazon shares have risen by more than 60% this year and are now listed at around $3,000 per share.

There are many ingredients that determine the success or failure of e-commerce these days, some of them are:

  • User Experience
  • Logistical effectiveness
  • The offer of quality products or services
  • Consistency in digital communication channels
  • And many more!

The important thing about all this is that it is a market that keeps growing and has endless opportunities for businesses around the world. That is why from Convertify we seek that our customers and potential customers can approach their business from this place and profit from the market.

How Mobile Apps are Changing the e-Commerce Game

Everything we talked about is not the only interesting thing about the e-commerce market. There is one factor we want to address and it’s the importance of mobile apps for e-commerce business.

Mobile applications represent a fundamental tool for all businesses, but more than anything else for the e-commerce business.

It allows companies to better connect with their consumers, offering them a much more personalized experience.

There are many features for apps that e-commerce can take advantage of to better connect with these clients. In our latest blog post, we talk about 7 of these features that you should consider including in your app.

5 app features that help an e-commerce business:

  • Push Notifications: These are messages an app sends to their users while they’re using their smartphones, and allow companies to stay in touch with them even while users are not using the app. For example, you can send a reminder to a user that was searching for a product, telling him that the product has now a discount.
  • Advanced Search: Advanced Search in an app consists of offering a search bar to the users so they can find products by typing related words or phrases. It’s a way of making things simple for them and we cannot think of an e-commerce app without this feature.
  • Security: One of the things that move people to buy something online or not is the security that the company provides in relation to their payments and personal data. Think for a second, you don’t want to buy something in a place that your credit card information is not secure.
  • App Analytics: App Analytics is a must in every mobile app business, they provide us with the data that help us make changes and optimizations that benefit the user. We wrote an article with the best app analytics providers in the market and how to use this data.
  • Shopping Cart: This feature is really important if we want customers to come back to our app and buy things. It consists of allowing the user to store products in a cart and return for them at any time. If a consumer has to search for their product every time they leave the app, they may not make their purchase. MAKE THINGS SIMPLE FOR USERS.

Benefits of Creating an App for your e-Commerce Business

Having an app for your e-commerce has many benefits, but perhaps the most important is the personalization of the user experience.

The fact that we have to know the profile of the people who buy in your business allows us to bring them functionalities and facilities that bring value to every move they make in our app.

This gives us the possibility to get closer to potential customers so that when they download and test our app they realize that they found what they really need.

Another benefit is the possibility to promote our app in the search engines of AppStore and Google Play Store. Users know that the apps that rate best are the ones that are worthwhile. We can approach this from a feature that allows the user to rate our application and propose changes that help us improve their experience.

Apps also allow e-commerce to have more conversions with the help of push notifications. This is a great advantage since from a website it is difficult to continue connecting with a user who has already abandoned it.

All these benefits do not mean that you should leave your website and just use an app. It is important to know how to complement each other since from both places we will receive great benefits.

And having both is going to give us a very clear competitive advantage, above that competition that only covers one channel of communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to create an e-commerce app?

With Convertify, you can create an e-commerce app in less than 24 hours.

  • What do I need to create an e-commerce app?

You just need your website URL, business name, and logo.

  • How much does it cost to create an e-commerce app?

You can see the pricing of our service here, starting at $69. The best of all is that you only have to pay once!

Final Considerations

There are many points to consider to effectively manage an e-commerce business. Without a doubt, creating an app is one of the most important and innovative.

As one well-known phrase in the world of digital business says, it does not win the largest but the fastest adapting to change.

We have no doubt that a mobile app can give you an advantage over the competition that will have huge conversion effectiveness.

Let’s think of it as a necessary investment for your business, because in the short and long term you will be able to see great benefits.

This is why we invite you to know the offer of Convertify, with an affordable price and quick and personalized solutions to create an app for your e-commerce. And you can also subscribe to our blog, where you will receive many actionable insights and tips to grow your digital business day by day.

We hope you enjoyed it and if you like you can share it.

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